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Each of these purebred dogs found themselves in rescue. 

Adopt if you can. 

Rescue Work

When You Are Looking for Your Next Companion, Consider Rescue. Let us help you find your next canine companion.

Contact us for

"Match-making" services.

Beginning in 2013 we established working relationships with several local shelters and breed rescues to place unwanted animals in homes. We regularly have foster dogs at Camp, and have rehabilitated countless "unadoptable" dogs.  We've been very successful at "matchmaking" and helping dogs successfully transition into their new homes. 

Even if you are looking for a purebred dog, rescue is an option. Each of the dogs in the photo are purebred owner surrenders. And mixed breed dogs are some of the BEST companions.

Adult dogs, puppies, seniors... whatever you are looking for, it's likely there's a rescue dog waiting. 

 If possible, please consider adopting before buying. 

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