We work with you and your dog to improve the relationship you have with each other.  Much of the "training" we do is with you so you can reproduce our results at home.  We offer individual sessions at Camp, in your home, or in other locations

(trails, stores, etc.).   

Have a new puppy? Bring them to Puppy Camp!  Puppies get safe socialization, basic obedience and desensitization during a Puppy Camp stay.

Some issues with dogs are the result of not enough exercise or not enough social time with other canines.  We provide a safe space for dogs to run and play with each other, communicating, correcting, and learning appropriate canine etiquette.

Group training is offered twice a year: Spring and Fall.  Our next classes will be announced later this summer.


Behavior Assessments & Individual Training.

Understanding your dog's behavior and reactions to stimuli, as well as your role in that behavior are essential to understanding what type of training will help the most.  

Improving your relationship with your dog is often linked to better communication. We can help you understand how to improve how you communicate with your dog so you get the results you want and your dog is happier with clear boundaries and expectations. 

Need help specifically with leash walking and socialization on trails?  We offer one-hour training at the Blue Ridge Rail Trail in Piney River.  Safely expose your dog to trail stimuli like bicycles, joggers, other dogs, strollers, and on occasion horses and riders.  Your will learn how to help your dog walk calmly and not react poorly to trail distractions.

For more information and training rates contact us via our web form below.


Group Training Classes:  Basic commands and communication.

Check back for information on when we will hold our Fall Class.

Our 6-week class is designed to teach you how to better communicate with your dog, understand why they behave the way they do and teach basic skills and manners.  At the end of the class you should have tools to improve your dog's behavior and your relationship.​

•Where:  Camp Merricks. 1180 Tye Brook Highway, Piney River.

•When: Fall Class - TBD

•Class cost: $125 per student, prepaid, nonrefundable.

•Required: Current vaccinations including DHLPP, rabies, and Bordetella.​  6’ Leash.  NO FLEXI LEASHES.

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